Best Baby Dolls That Cry

A baby doll is a toy that all kids love to have. They enjoy cuddling with a doll, playing with it and taking naps with their special baby. Many dolls, like the You & Me Chatter & Coo Baby Doll, can also be used as learning tools. You can use the doll to help a child become accustomed to the future arrival of a sibling. You an also use a doll to help a child learn certain motor skills such as with changing clothes.

This doll can interact with your child by simply pushing on the doll’s stomach, hands or feet. When your child does that, the doll will react with sounds just like a real baby would make.

The You & Me doll can also interact audibly with your child. When played with, the doll can laugh or giggle. It can also cry and speak words such as mama or dada. The doll comes dressed in a striped one piece outfit with a matching headband bow.

The Paola Reina Sonia doll is a beautifully crafted baby doll with bright blue eyes that your child will love to have as a little companion toy. It’s soft enough to cuddle and carry around everywhere. She’s 14” in height and comes wearing a soft striped footed romper. She also has a matching hat. You can switch out her outfit with another one that fits 14” dolls.

Her limbs are made from vinyl and she has a soft vanilla scent. Her body is made of cloth. Kids can give the doll her pacifier that comes with the purchase. She will cry when you take it away from her and stop crying when you give it back. The doll can speak the words mama or papa.

Children get attached to certain baby dolls and they don’t want to give up that doll and get a new one. Not even if that new doll can cry. They’d rather keep the one they’ve come to treasure. If your child wants her current doll to become interactive, she doesn’t have to part with it to make that happen.

You can get the Toysmith Precious Sounds Magic Bottle and turn any baby doll into an interactive one. The bottle has realistic actions. When your child tips the bottle up into the doll’s mouth, the milk in the bottle will disappear just as if the doll drank it. Your child will feel like she really fed her baby.

The bottle also enables any doll to make sounds. When your child feeds the baby, the tip of the bottle will emit a crying sound or she’ll laugh or coo and it sounds like it’s coming from the doll. The batteries needed to operate the doll are included with the bottle.

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