Best Baby Dolls That Drink and Wet

Baby dolls are toys that kids love to play with and the more realistic that doll is, the more fun they have. You want to look for dolls that has the ability to do baby actions such as drinking a bottle and wetting. You can find one such doll when you purchase the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Annie 12-Inch Drink and Wet Poseable Baby Doll.

This adorable doll baby can be posed sitting up with her arms raised or lowered and she can also be posed leaning forward as if she’s reaching for something. The doll comes dressed in a cute sundress with a gingham hem and bonnet. The doll also has undergarments.

Kids can hold the doll to let her finish her bottle and then she can go potty in the pink potty chair. Along with the potty chair, you’ll get a pacifier as well as a reusable diaper. The doll can be wiped clean if needed and she can also be fully immersed in a bath.

The Corolle Les Classiques Emma Drink-and-Wet Bath Baby Doll is a doll that can also drink and wet. The doll is made of vinyl so she can be wiped clean but the doll is safe for bath time use. One thing that sets this anatomically correct doll apart is that it can be used as a training tool to help kids learn about potty training.

The doll has a sweet vanilla scent to her and she’s 14” tall. Her eyes do close when she lies down. She comes wearing a little pink T-shirt with her name on the front of it. She also wears a pair of panties. She comes with a potty chair, a bottle and a pacifier as accessories.

The doll makes an excellent cuddle doll as well as a helpful instructional tool for helping your child grasp the meaning of using a potty chair.

The Corolle Les Classiques Special Feature 14″ Baby Doll also known as the Paul doll is a great doll to get when you’re trying to potty train a little boy. The doll is fun to play with, to take naps with or to have along in the bathtub. It’s made of vinyl and is able to take a bottle as well as wet.

This adorable doll is 14” in height and comes with accessories. You’ll get the blue potty chair, the bottle and a pacifier. The doll comes dressed in a two piece outfit with the name Paul on the shirt. What makes this doll for boys different from a lot of ones on the market is that this boy doll is anatomically correct.

This helps little boys understand the concept of potty training much better than dolls that don’t have this feature.

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