Best Baby Dolls That Look Real

There are many baby dolls on the market that claim they look real, but some really don’t measure up. If you want a baby dolls that looks real for your child, then you’ll want to take a look at what I’ve reviewed below to help you make the best decision.

First of all, there are different price levels for realistic dolls – and you can find some newborn baby dolls that look real for under 50 dollars – you don’t have to spend a small fortune.

Of course, the higher the price point, the more realistic they are. Check out these levels and watch how the quality improves.

First, we have a realistic newborn baby doll that’s on the cheaper end of the price spectrum. And the doll is very cute! It’s a newborn doll that’s smiling and comes in pink or blue, Caucasian or African American.

Now babies do smile, but many kids prefer to have a baby doll with an open mouth so they can feed the baby a bottle. This doll is washable vinyl and can go in the bath. It comes with an 8-piece layette set that includes little booties, a t-shirt, a onsie, cloth diaper w/cover, hat, and a cute little accessory – the hospital bracelet.

What I did for my daughter was buy the premie diapers – small packs. Never buy doll diapers – they’re more expensive than real ones! LOL!

Now THIS is one of my favorites – and it’s in the mid-price range for realistic baby dolls. It’s the Paradise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll Tall Dreams Gift Set Ensemble. It comes with the doll, plus a 10-piece set of accessories.

This one looks more realistic to me and has a precious look on its face. It has a weighted cloth and vinyl body, and is 19 inches long. Many buyers say they purchase newborn clothes for this doll and they fit just right!

The 16″ Linda Murray Sweetly Snuggled Sarah is an example of a higher priced realistic one, but it is gorgeous and very real looking. I love the look on her face and the clothes are adorable. The wrinkles skin on her toes and the soft baby skin made of vinyl makes this hard to tell from a real baby.

You want a cute baby doll. I saw one recently where the face was crafted in a permanent yawn. The nose was all squished up and it was just awkward. Kids like cute baby dolls – so try going with one that looks precious.

As a child, I always remember those cool bottles that looked like real disappearing liquid that you could feed to your baby. They called them Magic Bottles and you can still get them in juice and milk here:

Now they have other realistic baby dolls that are great for a budget, and while they may not look perfect – they’re still lifelike! Here’s the Hispanic version of one that sells for under $20 – it’s the La Baby Play doll and it comes in styles for African American, Caucasian, Hispanic (shown below), and Asian!

This is a great choice because it has the vinyl feel, it’s washable, and lightweight. Best of all it has a cute look on its face, with an open mouth for bottle feeding time.

You can also get baby dolls that look real in twins. These soft body twin dolls are affordable for any budget and rated very high with consumers.

Let me know which one you end up getting!


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