Best Baby Dolls That Open and Close Their Eyes

If you’re looking for an adorable baby doll, then you need to see the Berenguer Boutique 15″ Soft Body Baby Doll. This unscented doll is 15” in height which makes her the perfect size to carry just like a real baby. She’s made of vinyl and has a cloth body. Cloth body baby dolls are made that way because they’re easier for kids to snuggle with and hug.

Kids can learn how to dress the baby doll, how to take care of her and how to increase their nurturing as well as cognitive skills. The doll does have the ability to close her eyes so when your child goes down for a nap or bedtime, it’ll look like the doll did, too. This baby comes with a lot of accessories thanks to the gift set.

You’ll get a spoon, knife and plate to use for when your child wants to feed her baby. The doll also comes with a bottle that your child can give her doll when she’s holding her close. There is a pacifier that’s attached to the doll’s clothing. There is a pair of cute pink shoes with the doll as well as an additional outfit and a baby rattle.

Melissa & Doug toys are known for their craftsmanship as well as their development of toys that help children learn and nurture their imagination. The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Natalie 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll is a toy that can do that and more.

The size of the doll is approximately the size of a real baby. It’s easy to carry as well as cuddle. Little Natalie has a gentle baby powder scent so she smells like a real baby. She has vinyl limbs but a soft body that you can easily clean by wiping it down. Her legs and arms can be posed unlike some soft cloth body dolls so your child can pose her in a sitting position.

She comes wearing an outfit featuring tiny butterflies and flowers. This outfit can be changed. She can suck on her pacifier and her eyes do open and close. Her hair can be brushed and styled.

The Adora PlayTime Baby Garden Party Vinyl 13″ Girl is a baby doll that makes a perfect first doll for your child. She has a vinyl head as well as arms and legs but the torso of the doll contains a heavier bean bag portion to make the doll feel weighted and more realistic. She has a baby powder scent and is adorable.

This doll does have the ability to open or close her eyes. She comes with a bottle and she can also such her thumb. She’s dressed in a pink dress with a flower on the skirt. You can take the dress of and put another one on that fits this size doll. Unlike other cuddly dolls, this one can be washed in the washing machine.

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