Best Baby Dolls That Pee and Poop

Realistic dolls can help kids learn as they play. The Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily is a realistic doll that your child can take care of and love.

Kids can change an actual dirty diaper after feeding the baby. The doll has a special spoon that kids can use to feed the doll. And they can never run out of the food because it’s all reusable. Feeding time can be a lot of fun thanks to the snack shaper.

Kids can use that to create different kinds of pretend food and then feed it to her. Everything your child needs for this play feeding time comes with the doll. Once feeding time is over, Lily needs to go to the bathroom and poops.

Your child will be able to change the doll’s diaper after she’s done. The purchase of this doll includes a diaper, an outfit with strawberry designs, 2 containers of reusable food, a spoon, a dish and the snack maker. This doll can go in the tub to be played with during bath time.

The Baby Alive My Baby All Gone African-American Doll is one that wet and poop in her diaper. Kids love playing with dolls and pretending that they’re the mommy. This baby doll helps make that play time an interactive, more realistic experience.

Your child can give the baby her bottle and she’ll drink it. She can also feed the baby and the baby will eat the food. Once the baby is finished with her bottle or her food, then she’ll go to the bathroom in her diaper. When that happens, your child can change the baby’s diaper.

What kids love about this doll is that it is a dual language doll. You can set the doll to speak in either English or Spanish or sometimes even both. So your child can pick up phrases as she plays. The doll makes noises when she’s drinking from her bottle or whenever your child feeds her. The baby doll can also giggle and speak. She can make more than 30 interactive phrases or sounds.

The doll can understand what’s going on. When your child feeds the doll, the doll will say something that’s associated with the action. She may say something about the food or let your child know when she needs a diaper change. She’ll also ask for hugs. When you purchase the doll, you receive the bottle, 2 diapers, an outfit, a vegetable food packet, a fruit food packet, and a bowl and spoon.

The Baby Alive A7022 My Baby All Gone Doll is a blonde haired, blue eyed doll that can act like a real baby. She does need 2 AA batteries in order to work but those come with the purchase. She can be set to speak either English or Spanish. And she can speak in either language over 30 different phrases.

When your child feeds the doll from the fruit or veggie packet that’s included, the doll will immediately need to go to the bathroom. Your child will have to clean the baby’s bottom and then put on a new diaper.

Kids love the way that the doll interacts with the sounds she makes and the things she says. You get all the accessories with the doll such as the food packets, the utensils and dishes needed to feed the doll, an outfit, her bottle and instructions. The doll is lovable and cuddly and your child will love this special friend.

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