Best Baby Dolls That Talk

Dolls that can interact with kids are good toys to have because they not only seem more lifelike but they also promote nurturing skills, kindness and responsibility. The Missy Kissy Giggle Time – 15” Moving Interactive Soft Body Doll is an interactive doll that is fun to play with as well as learn from.

She comes with a 15” soft body. You’ll be able to wipe down the doll’s face, legs and arms, but the doll cannot be immersed in water. She has actions just like a real baby can do. When you lay her down, her eyes will close. Kids can tickle the baby doll to find her tickle spot. As kids feed Missy her bottle, the doll will sound like she’s actually drinking it. When she’s done, she needs to be burped.

At bedtime, she can be given her pacifier and you can watch her eyes drift shut as she goes to sleep just like a real baby. The doll does talk. She comes with 12 built in phrases and can sing 2 songs. The doll is wearing a cute little dress and hat but she also comes with an extra outfit to wear to bed as well as her bottle and a pacifier.

The Little Mommy Bedtime Baby Doll is a sweet, huggable doll. She’s made of both vinyl and soft body. So you can’t place her in a bathtub. However, she can be dressed in different doll clothes just like an all-vinyl doll can. You just put the new clothes right over top of the cloth body.

The baby doll will gently suck on her attached pacifier and as she sleeps, her eyes do close. She has a white light that can help keep a child company in the dark and bring comfort as your child goes to sleep.

When you want her to wake up, all you have to do is pull the pacifier out of her mouth. When you take out the pacifier, the doll will make a cooing sound like a real baby.
She can utter different phrases as well as sing 3 lullabies. Some of the phrases she can say are ones like “I love you, mommy.”

The Little Mommy Laugh and Love Baby Doll is a doll that comes ready to go where your child does thanks to the carrier that comes with the doll. A child will be able to easily take the doll along in a front carry position.

The doll has some realistic interactions. She can say different phrases as well as make sounds but the sound mode does have an off position for convenience. The doll can be fed with her bottle and then burped afterward. Kids can give her the pacifier and she’ll make sounds like a real baby.

She comes with a diaper, wipes and powder. She also has food accessories and a bottle. With the food accessories, kids will use the magic feeding spoon which makes it appear as if the doll really is eating the food. The doll comes dressed in a cute dress and a headband.

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